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Your Peak Mind Membership comes with so many benefits including:

1. Access to live monthly, Members-only workshops in which we take a deep dive into an aspect of psychological strength.

2. A new 30 Day Challenge each month. 30 Day Challenges are carefully designed to help you build an aspect of psychological strength by practicing a simple exercise every day. Live challenges are supported by text messaging throughout the month to share additional tips, resources, inspiration, and motivation.

3. Access to fantastic content from Guest Experts.

4. Access to a Members-only Facebook group.

5. The opportunity to ask Ashley and April questions. Select questions are answered during the monthly Members-only workshops. 

5. Access to the 24/7 on demand library that includes all past workshops, challenges, and guest experts. This way, you can do things on your own time or revisit certain topics again.

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We don't offer a trial period, per se, because of the way the Membership is structured. Different components of the Membership happen throughout the month, and we believe that it is important to experience a full month of programming. 

We do offer Membership on a monthly basis, and you can cancel at any time. 

Keep in mind, though, if you love it, you may want to join for a year. You'll get two FREE months plus a Peak Mind journal.

In short, no. 

We base all of our exercises, techniques, and content on evidence-based methods from the fields of Psychology and Life Design. While many of these methods are the same ones used in some therapy modalities, the Peak Mind Center is not a replacement for therapy. The nature of a traditional therapeutic relationship is different than what we offer. Think of Peak Mind as an expert guided, technology assisted self-improvement experience. 


We believe that anyone who is interested in learning and willing to do some work can benefit from our offerings. Whether you are currently facing adversities like (physical or mental) health issues, work stress, or relationship strains or not, there is always room to grow! We believe that the right mindset...aimed in the right direction = a life you love, regardless of unexpected ups and downs. If you're not living a life you love, it's time to make the choice to thrive!

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Starting building psychological strength for FREE with the Peak Mind Starter Pack!

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Starting building psychological strength for FREE with the Peak Mind Starter Pack!